Are you spending your time wisely with games?


May 4, 2018
Recently I've gotten busy with school task and personal development and well after countless games that I play I felt like all those hours can be used to sleep or study. As some people spend time in different games either catching up with ranks or their world progress. I spend lots of time riding a dream trying to reach a high rank in games like overwatch, Deadbydaylight, Valorant, MobileLegends, PUBGMobile. And well I do realize I've used a lot of those time to sleep and do more personal development. Then once I'm committed ind doing something I felt like those are wasted the progress in ark or a Minecraft world left abandoned. Overall I don't want to feel like those countless hours spent to be wasted since they are memories but by playing I used my time to not sleep or join some events. Currently, I felt like I've achieved that balance of playing and doing everything else adequately but i do realize decisions must be made. I could just cut gaming out of my schedule and focus on my personal development and future but ill be reducing my time to play and hang out with my friends. So what do you people think ? Could those progress that made us happy temporarily or permanently be important for our limited time or all those progress and memories to be a robbed oppurtunity to grow myself.


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Apr 13, 2018
I would say so. I don't play as much as I spend time on the computer. Spending time on the computer can sometimes be more productive depending on what your doing. I can sometimes play 2 hours a day and other times it's less. Though if my health was better, I would be playing far more. I think 4 hours a day isn't terrible when it comes to gaming. Sometimes it's okay to even play more then 4 hours. Ranking up is a lot of what causes people to play extended periods of time. I enjoy trying to rank up in call of duty. So far I've been playing black ops cold war and have made it to prestige 4.


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Feb 5, 2021
I'm always thinking about what's next to do, regards gaming and streaming and at times it takes over your life and not doing anything else. Yeah, I do mostly flights sims related to anything else and it's a realism and learning point of the viewer but still looking at the screen and not doing anything else, even not spending time with family and helping to do work around the house.


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Jul 4, 2018
Playing and doing stuff you like is good, but don't try just that, you need to rest well and also study. It's a pain to have alarms to almost anything.. but this is the world we live in :(

I barely play nowadays, i bought games on steam that i never even installed it