Ant-Man and the Wasp



Premiere: July, 6 (2018)

Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe


We currently know very little about the Ant-Man sequel. But we do know that Peyton Reed will return to direct Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, and that Evangeline Lily will suit up as the Wasp to help him fight crime. The Wasp will be the first female superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to get her name in the movie’s title. It only took a decade. Newcomers Michelle Pfeiffer and Laurence Fishburne round out the cast.

One confusing side note: Ant-Man and the Wasp will premiere after Infinity War hits theaters, but the events depicted in the movie take place before Infinity War. The trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie sets the Ant-Man action firmly between the events of Civil War and Infinity War.



MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
Drewan This seems like an interesting movie. I might have to check it out. I'm sure this has been in comic books but I have never even heard of it. Seems like they're always coming up with new marvel movies. Great find and thanks for sharing.

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