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Adsense Integrated and More Info Regarding Ads

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Apr 13, 2018
Quick announcement. Adsense has now been integrated for guest traffic only. This is only for users that are logged out.

There may be areas with blank spots but only for the next 2-3 days as it will give advertisers more time to fill in the gaps. It usually doesn't take long. There shouldn't be any blank areas after 3 days. The majority of ads are showing.

I intend to integrate info links as a secondary form of site revenue. These come in the form of ads just like adsense and also create advert links on your site. I will be sure to keep the colors of the real URL links separate. My application should be accepted within 2 days. I had to re-apply the integration code onto an ad template as i had put the integration code in the wrong place. Ad spots we'll be using is 1 in between the first and second post, 1 above the forum sections, 1 in the sidebar area, and 1 in the footer. There will be 1 other on the profile page.

This seems to be well-placed enough for me. Adsense only allows 3 ads per page. When I integrate it with info-links I'll be sure to make the most productive spots possible for both publisher networks to make the most money and keep it the most organized. I am wanting to buy Siropus advertisement add-on. I'm looking into receiving payment for $80 I made on adsense about 3 years ago. If I can get the payment for that (which I may be able to) then I will buy that add-on. This will give us the ability to put ads on rotation and also sell custom ad space and sticky threads to users who may want to buy them. Sticky threads will be limited to 1 per forum and must be on-topic with the forum section. Which means "The Rant" or "The Funhouse" will probably be the most valuable if your genre is not on topic with a section. This is to keep spam out of the forums. There will only be 1 sticky per section available for purchase.

I believe I will charge $25 for 3 months for a sticky thread. And if you wanted more time then that you would just need to renew each time.

Regardless of not having an add-on where the purchase can be made automatically, if you are interested you can contact me anytime to set it up. If the sticky thread is on topic with the section I'd be more then happy to setup an invoice for you and set it up. The add-on where the purchase can be made automatically will probably be bought sometime in the next few months. Of course even with the add-on it will go under pending review before any advert or sticky is used. It also helps out with rotational ads but I also intend to put a few on rotation even without the add-on in the mean time.

The ads should not be intrusive to say the least. They are well placed and organized for the most part. There will be no ads for members logged in until we start getting a good bit of people and then it will probably be limited to 1 on the homepage and 1 in between the 1st and 2nd post.

I appreciate your support for Mind Piff. Thank you~TopSilver
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