1. Lämmchen

    Paranmoral Tourist?

    Is there a certain location known for it's paranormal activity that is high on your list for visiting? Maybe a bucket list of sites? There is some haunted wooded forest in Eastern Europe that entices me to visit. Apart from that I'm not sure where else except maybe a few of the old jails where...
  2. Empire

    Where Do You Go For Designers?

    I was just looking around at twitch subs badges and emotes to other graphics designs that people have and for me to get the ideas. I can make my own up myself but it's not good, aren't that professional and it's just bad. Yet free in my case. But for professional work, you really need to look at...
  3. TopSilver

    What's your Internet Speed?

    You can check on https://speedtest.net Mine seems faster then it is. I experience quite a bit of lag due to something I am now convinced is throttling by my hosting provider. It's some of the worst you've ever seen if you gave it a glimpse on my Xbox. Apparently it does both normal and lags at...
  4. Alexander.

    Future of VR Gaming?

    What do you think the future of Virtual Reality Gaming will entail? Is there a possibility that we can enter a world in the first person and experience the 5 senses of surroundings? Is there a limit on how much technology can advance or not?
  5. JoyFreak

    Where are you gonna go after quarantine?

    Whether you're gonna make it reality or just keep it as a fantasy, I think lots of ppl have been dreaming of all the places they can and will visit after social distancing has lifted. Might be close to home or a different country or one of the seven wonders of the world. I mentioned the cinema...
  6. Nagato

    Some Stoic stuff you may find useful

    You may find the following helpful
  7. TopSilver

    Where do you think the internet will take html and css into the future?

    What's your opinion on where this will go into the future. As we know LESS and SASS have been futuristic you could say forms of CSS but where truly is CSS going to go when it's say CSS9 or HTML10 for example. What kind of coding do you for-see deep into the future maybe 100 years from now? LESS...
  8. Andox88

    Where do you see yourself in 10-20 years?

    i can say with complete honesty that i have no clue what ill be doing. My life has taken so manynew turns i could even be dead for all i know. id like to know where you guys think you will be?
  9. G

    Your favorite opening/ending

    The one that give me chills all the time I hear it's Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul. Here you go: As ending, it would be from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Here you go: I love many. It was hard to decide. How about you? ;)