1. T

    The Boss just landed

    Just joining and hope to have a nice time, anyone with info on how to earn here?
  2. Xyphien

    Xyphien Here

    Hello everyone! I'm Xyphien, I own my own company (opened it officially last year) and I've been making websites and helping people out with theirs since 2009. I'm 27, love playing games, and working on my company :D If you have any questions feel free to let me know!
  3. TopSilver

    Sites back online. I wanted us to get the entire 2.2.x experience and Preparing for Heavy Traffic.

    I have moved us to a fully customized version of a Pixel Exit theme with a Dark Style included. I am currently preparing for heavy traffic. It can build up over time and I didn't want us to not have something professional. To get the entire forum experience you need a pixel exit theme and this...
  4. ZandraJoi

    New Person

    Hello! Know you from ForumPromotion :) I'm a happily married female, child-free by choice. Believe in holistic, eco-friendly living. I’m an introvert so I love to write. Love being in nature, astronomy, birdwatching, animals. Looking forward to getting to know others!
  5. Cumulus

    Hey there!

    Hey there everyone! Cumulus here - I'm a Masters Student and Social Media Manager based over in the UK :) Great to be here - Looking forward to some great conversations!
  6. Shole

    Hello Shole Here

    Hi I am Shole, a basketball coach and a lover of anime and all of the things that are online (Games, forums, blogs, etc). I worked as a coach around the world, and hope I will be going back to China after the corona virus goes away. So yeah, glad to be here and I hope to have some fun talking...
  7. Lee

    Hey, im Lee

    Nice to meet you all. My name is Lee, im 32 years old and have a family, with three daughters under 7.
  8. Alexander.


    Howdy, all! My name is Alexander on my birth certificate, but I like to be called Alex. I'm 20, live in England, and Single. I came across Mind Piff after being referred by the owner. The forum has many subjects I'm interested in, so I thought I'd sign up.
  9. Joshua Farrell

    Here comes the Josh

    Hi everyone! The name is Joshua Farrell, though you can call me Josh if you want. :D Love enjoying playing games and watching casts of competitions in games. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. :)
  10. _B_

    Hi. I'm _B_.

    Hey guys. As you can tell, I'm _B_ and I'll provide a little introduction. I'm a uni student (just started this month) and I enjoy a little bit of coding, gaming and binge-watching Netflix and YouTube. It has been an unusual period and I've just tried to make the most of it through learning to...
  11. C

    Hi to everyone

    Hi to the community! @ConteNY here, Mario is my real name. I have my full-time job and in my free time, I am playing video games, hanging out with my family, watching some Netflix series, etc. NYC based. Have a great day everybody!
  12. Ash


    Hello everyone! Ash here. I am from London, United Kingdom. In my free time I like to play games, watch TV shows and just browse different forums. Looking forward to having a good time here at MindPiff :)
  13. Nova

    Hey there

    Hey there, It's Nova here. I joined today to share some of my views here. I am looking forward to learn something new from the community. Cheers!
  14. zoldos

    I am zoldos

    I am known as zoldos. I'm a 20+ year internet veteran and master site owner. I've had many sites over the years. I'm 45 and life is bliss!
  15. JennyorAlice


    Hello everyone! How are you? A little bit about me.....I enjoy reading (a lot), watching movies, spending time with my dog, playing video games, catching up on my favorite tv shows and spending time on the internet. If you want to know more about me, all you have to do is ask. Otherwise...
  16. bittersweet

    I smelled new.

    And here I am again.
  17. Gemma


    Helloooo, I'm Gemma, UK resident, sometimes website owner, occasional dabbler in forum layouts. Saw Mind Piff listed when randomly browsing on another site so thought I'd sign up and say hi. Nice looking site. Looking forward to seeing you all around the community :)
  18. Lord Saru


    Hello there, I am Dr Isaac. I work for the local hospital. In COVID times, things are stressfull here but otherwise we are a happy bunch of people. I have been into forums for quite some time..I believe for around 9 years. I love Harry Potter, Indian and world history, science and technology...
  19. RedmondG

    Hello Mind Piff

    Hello all, looking forward to joining what looks like an amazing community :)
  20. X

    Hello MindPiff

    Hello, I’m new here. You can call me Xoogle.