1. Laifot

    The Collecting Thread

    Do you fancy collecting something? I do collect Adidas 80s Basketball Shoes (excepting the Shell models) starting from: Conductors, Forums, Top Tens, Rivalry, Americana, Phantom, Association and the Made in France shoes that are mixes between Rivalry and Top Tens. Share with us :)
  2. Nagato

    Anyone tried kauffman vodka?

    Anyone tried kauffman vodka? I really want to try this.
  3. Nagato

    Favourite Alcohol & Brands?

    Favourite Alcohol & Brands? Before I'd drink a couple times a year, last 3 months I have decided I want to try a wide rang of alcohol and see what I like. My number one favourite vodka is the Crystal Skull vodka. I ordered Stoli Elit today. I've tried a bit of vodka and yeah.