1. Alexander.

    Share YouTube Videos - YouTube Forum!

    Share YouTube Videos - Discuss video editing, YouTube rumors, branding, advertising, video ventures, and more! Did you happen to notice that there are internet groups devoted to YouTubers that help them advertise their platforms, network with other producers, and seek and give guidance for...
  2. Lämmchen

    Easiest way to start recording

    What's the easiest way to start recording your own instructional videos? Do you use your phone or buy something else to record? And what about editing software? Do you make your own background music?
  3. TopSilver

    Linus Tech Tips

    Does anyone watch his videos or is a member of his website? If your not subscribed find his channel and check him out. The videos are usually based on desktop PC builds and Laptops. Even if buying a PC is of no interest to you it would be a decent watch. Keeping up with all the latest part is...
  4. TopSilver

    Is the YouTube Ad-Pocalypse Really Returned?

    Has anyone noticed a ton more ads being shown on in between videos. They've never played this many ads and I think it's something new that's been happening. Some YouTubers were talking about the ad-pocalypse being here because of how many there has been recently. They went from...
  5. fem.babysloth

    What kind of stuff do you guys watch on YouTube?

    Thinking about starting my own channel sometime this year. I've been working on different videos I would like to do. I'm thinking vlogs but my life isn't that exciting. I love baking so I could do baking videos. Or maybe something lifestyle related. I'm horrible at gaming so maybe I could make...
  6. fem.babysloth

    Question///General Survey

    I got a buddy who just finished majoring in philosophy and is now majoring in art. I told him he should start an art channel on YouTube where he just paints really cool paintings and talks about philosophy junk. Would you watch his channel if he creates it?
  7. G


    For those who doesn't know, AMV stands for Anime Music Videos. Here we could post our favorite AMVs. Here I go:
  8. TopSilver

    You Can Only Post 1 of Your Own Videos Once a Month. Also No Advertising Your Channel Except in the Sticky Thread.

    Just a quick notice folks about YouTube advertising. We do not allow posting channel links outside the designated sticky thread ( If you have a channel that's where you post it one single time. We do however allow posting YouTube...
  9. TopSilver

    Top 10 Signs of Alien Life Caught On Camera

    This is a quick video I watched the other night. Creepy as hell. Shows what could be real or fake footage of aliens. There's no telling so I will let you decide but it does give for an interesting watch. Towards the end of the video it shows what some are calling "men in black" who appear when...
  10. TopSilver

    YouTuber Channel Listing

    Post your youtube channel here. This is the only place I'm allowing you to post a link to your channel. This is only to keep spam out of the forums and to keep it organized. Here you may post your channel one time. Please do not post it more than once to get attention. For those who have already...