1. Alexander.

    Share YouTube Videos - YouTube Forum!

    Share YouTube Videos - Discuss video editing, YouTube rumors, branding, advertising, video ventures, and more! Did you happen to notice that there are internet groups devoted to YouTubers that help them advertise their platforms, network with other producers, and seek and give guidance for...
  2. Lämmchen

    Graphics Stolen?

    Have you ever had someone steal any of your graphics? If so, what did you do about it? If not, how can you prevent it? I am an artist and I always worried about having samples of my art stolen. I need to put a watermark on my images if I plan on putting them up again on the internet.
  3. Joshi

    10 Saddest Video Game Endings Of All Time

  4. Alexander.

    Gaming movies

    Are there any video game movies that were based on a game you enjoyed watching? Perhaps someone got trapped in the game, or was it a scientific experiment? Well, I really liked watching the Jumanji film series; it's great when they got sucked into the title.
  5. TopSilver

    Linus Tech Tips

    Does anyone watch his videos or is a member of his website? If your not subscribed find his channel and check him out. The videos are usually based on desktop PC builds and Laptops. Even if buying a PC is of no interest to you it would be a decent watch. Keeping up with all the latest part is...
  6. N

    OneRepublic release 'Better Days' video in support of COVID-19 relief

    OneRepublic release 'Better Days' video in support of COVID-19 relief
  7. N

    Lil Dicky - Earth (Official Music Video)

    Lil Dicky - Earth (Official Music Video) Took 2 years to make! Very cool music video. What do you think? Post your feedback. Thanks.
  8. TopSilver

    Chupacabra found by some woman. Keeps it in her house as taxidermy

    Yeah I've seen this a million times on TV. Apparently the chupacabra is a wild animal that looks like a wolf with mange but is nothing of the sort. A woman was recently inspecting her farm and saw that some livestock had been killed. She went to check the livestock and apparently they had all of...
  9. Nagato

    Instagram plans June 20th launch event for long-form video hub What would the privacy be like... because Facebook
  10. Mr. Cream

    Hate when people act big on the internet?

    Makes me think of keyboard warriors. Some people understand me, some compromise me, some misunderstand me, and some clearly complain about me. Theres a stain on my name from a freindship decade in the makin'. I need opinions, but don't peel onions. Been stuck here before, but for someone to take...
  11. TopSilver

    5 People With Super Powers Caught on Tape

    Most of this one seems fake but it's still worth the watch as several of them I question could possibly be real. The one where the guy is getting chased by the cop and went through a fence to get away seems questionable. The one where a ghost walks into the convenient store seems fake but others...
  12. TopSilver

    Top 10 Signs of Alien Life Caught On Camera

    This is a quick video I watched the other night. Creepy as hell. Shows what could be real or fake footage of aliens. There's no telling so I will let you decide but it does give for an interesting watch. Towards the end of the video it shows what some are calling "men in black" who appear when...
  13. TopSilver

    John Chang the Mo Pai Master (watch this)

    Okay so this is some crazy ass shit right here. I want you guys to watch both these videos. The first video is about John Chang the Mo Pai Master, and this is real. It's not fake even though I know a lot of you won't believe it. At the end it shows footage of him training his student. The second...