1. Cumulus

    PHP 8.0?

    With the latest version of PHP released in November, PHP 8.0, I was wondering if anyone had upgraded yet? I recently came across some scripts coded in PHP still using 5.6 and I know majority of current scripts (WordPress, Xenforo etc.) are still only 7.x compatible. So have you used 8.0 yet...
  2. N

    Mario Kart, any fans on here?

    I love it and have been playing it since 7-8 years old on my old Game Boy Advance. I currently have it on the Wii. I usually go for Princess Peach and the rainbow circuit.
  3. N

    Super Smash Bros?

    I've played it a few times at a friend's house in high school but I've had to quit, because my friend has moved away from me currently. But yeah, I've loved it on the GameCube! Have you played it, and if yes, on which consoles have you played it and which version is your favorite and who's your...
  4. TopSilver

    planning on uninstalling facebook chat soon and reinstalling a global chat app

    I've decided that facebook chat may be a good thing to have on the site but I prefer a chat app I can stick up in the navigation that could be like a pop-out and be an actual chatroom. I already have one that works with this current version of the software but I'm preparing to upgrade the site...
  5. Kalon101

    The Rise of Mobile Gaming

    I believe that mobile gaming will soon become an export as it is already becoming a spectacle in the esport scene with “Vainglory” the mobile moba coming to light with their new 5v5 and that community is growing bigger and bigger! Players in esports soon will be able to play competitively...