1. Abizaga


    So I know alot of you will probably say that today it's garbage.... and I agree lol. However there once was a time it was on top of the industry. Did you guys ever get to use it during the 3.x days? Did you use it after that?
  2. N

    Worst Forum Software in your Eyes? (free and paid)

    IPB and wordpress are in my book the worst forum softwares because I can't fully customize them and they're not exactly mobile responsive either. I've struggled a lot with their admin and mod cp a long time ago. I've never tried to use them ever again.
  3. N

    Anyone loves Xenforo?

    It’s my personal most favorite paid forum software in my eyes and the best paid one too in my book. Why? Because it’s interactive, mobile responsive and fully customizable for me anyways.
  4. N

    Modern forum software

    Can someone list some modern forum softwares such as discourse, muut, etc etc
  5. bittersweet

    Hello everyone!

    Hello! New member to the community here and hoping to stick around for the long haul. I'm Jake, been on forums well on close to 13+ years now or so (rough estimate, more than likely longer). I'm a big fan of movies, television and gaming so you'll more than likely find me frequenting those...