1. N

    How do you like your Steak?

    Medium rare, with BBQ sauce or ketchup salt and pepper, chips or steak tartar, coleslaw salad and chips. Yum. And you yourself?
  2. bittersweet

    Where do you usually buy or read your books?

    As the topic and poll title say, where do you usually buy or read your books?
  3. Laifot

    Personal life and Parents

    Well, i was thinking today since i had a long chat with my mom, we were talking about me and what happened almost a year ago (got separated from my ex) and work, about my future and what i want for the rest of my life. I'm 27 and single without a gf and also no kids. I don't say that i'm...
  4. Andox88

    What strikes you're sense of humor?

    I for one like dark jokes that tend to offend people. i enjoy the ones that get under your skin and you dont even know why you hate it but you just do.