1. Lämmchen

    What size monitor?

    What size monitor do you feel is best when building your computer? Do you require a certain dimension or ratio? What about using two monitors to do what you need to do? My laptop has a 17" screen and I like that but I had two 19" monitors when I worked as a Project Admin and it was critical for...
  2. TopSilver

    Browser Extensions

    There's a whole world of browser extensions out there that no one pays attention to. Very little people ever go to the google chrome store or the firefox store and see what type of browser extensions you can get. Other then development tools, and there's a lot. What good browser extensions...
  3. Alexander.


    Has anybody else used Adobe Dreamweaver before? If so, what sort of programming/scripts/coding projects did you undertake using the tool? This was the first program I used to learn how to code basic HTML/CSS websites; I started with the view mode, and then, as my knowledge grew, I moved onto the...
  4. N

    Visual Boy Advance

    Anyone use emulators? VBA is one of them.
  5. Gaming_Kids

    dunno title

    my friend just played 1 song on beat saber and he just missed on slower song, failed in the first 20 blocks or so XD fun watching peeps play when they are noobs (term “noobs” used as new people)
  6. Kalon101

    Area 51 Exposed?

    My 2nd uncle the son of my aunt(the paranormal investigator) was in the military and was Stationed at Area 51 for a bit but he only told is tat in the base there were a lot of nuclear warheads and such but no alien stuff despite the rumors but he could be hiding it all idk what do you guys think...