1. Nagato

    I don't like numbers in username but... I do like numbers....

    I hate numbers in usernames / display names because to me, I don't see the username as being unique. But I really like Sr., Jr. II, & III, ect. II, III, ect is the real world version of having numbers in your name, making your name unoriginal or uncreative. And yet, for some reason I still like it.
  2. TopSilver

    New staff/vip badges

    Hey guys I was getting tired of the same old user badges for the staff team and vip so I recently (just today) added new ones made with CSS. I think this gives off a much more professional vibe and I'm interested in seeing what you all think about them. Combined with the awards I think they look...
  3. Nagato

    Hope to Seneca

    I have decided ti change my username (again) from Hope to @Seneca. I just wasn't feeling the username.
  4. Nagato

    New BBCode, Custom User Fields, & New Username!

    I recently added some new BBCode to the site. I plan to add more in the future, so if you have any ideas, let me know in this thread. Here is a list of all that I have added so far: Superscript text Subscript text LMGTFY - Let Me Google That For You. This BBCode has additional options such as...
  5. Creaky

    Hi all

    Found this place when randomly browsing the web and decided to join up. Like what you've done with the theme, looks good.