1. TopSilver

    All Site Updates Will Be Posted in this Thread

    All site updates will be posting via this sticky thread to avoid clutter and repeated announcements. Update 2-20-2021 - Node Icons Changed back to font awesome. I decided that the icons looked better with Font Awesome 5 and changed it back. I believe I am satisfied with the result.
  2. TopSilver

    I would like to have your attention. Fresh new look with dark style. Also new logo.

    Hey guys there has been a fresh new look I've now given you. I think we've pulled off the look. Did we pull off the logo? Well we needed a new one and something that was more aerodynamic you have my word and now so blustery. Variations of a flag will be used on future updates if it ever changes...
  3. TopSilver

    Style has been added. Updates on the way as well as dark style alternate.

    Don't think I'll be adding any extra colors for extra styles but I will let you know that there will be updates to this style possibly but nothing more than small tweaks and the dark style will be made in the next week or so so keep your eyes peeled. We were in need of a style so I wanted to go...