1. TopSilver

    I would like to have your attention. Fresh new look with dark style. Also new logo.

    Hey guys there has been a fresh new look I've now given you. I think we've pulled off the look. Did we pull off the logo? Well we needed a new one and something that was more aerodynamic you have my word and now so blustery. Variations of a flag will be used on future updates if it ever changes...
  2. TopSilver

    adverts takin down until we become bigger

    I have takin adverts down. I would like to keep the site looking clean just until we start getting more users and get to our 1k thread 5k post goal. When we reach that goal they may be added again for users not logged in (they have never been there for members logged in). Thank you for your support.
  3. Users Name

    Issa Me <3

    Hey xx. You may notice my moniker on here is "Users Name", but on Discord and Youtube I go by Lowercase Number. I've been lazy with my uploads on my channel so until I get back into 'frequent' uploads, I'll just not post my channel in YouTuber Channel Listing. Things I am interested in may...