1. Nagato

    Thinking about learning to program / script again

    Thinking about learning to program / script again. The problem is that It would have to be all self taught. I wouldn't mind making bots for Reddit & Twitter. I really want to make add-ons for XenForo too. I also wouldn't mind making iOS apps. And I am also kinda interested in data/stats as well...
  2. N

    Favorite social Media?

    The ones I use most and my personal favorites are Youtube and Facebook. Others I just use it to promote my own personal sites, that's all I use them for personally anyways. How about you?
  3. Nagato

    New Twitter Logo Concept - @Jack

  4. Nagato

    New Twitter Design?

    Has anyone used Twitter with the redesigned look?
  5. Nagato

    Twitter SVGs

    Some SVGs
  6. Nagato

    Does anyone use Twitter?

    Do you use Twitter? I've gotten back into using Twitter to stay up to date on gaming related news [SIC]