1. Empire

    Twitch/YouTube Sponsorship

    Lately, I was viewing twitch streamings and seen that one of the following people that I do follow has now sponsored with an energy drink, did my fast and easy research and the results that they look at streamers and then they contact them rather then people joining and requesting. Got me...
  2. Mr. Cream

    My channel intro for twitch

    what do you think? I am still goign to work on it and the music, scripts, backgrounds, cant wait forr the next stimulus.
  3. TopSilver

    Interesting Article about Porn Star Sasha Grey from 2011. She Also Now is on Twitch

    Yeah, so former L.A. porn star Sasha Grey is not the first person we'd pick to read children's books to our first graders. But she's been out of porn for a couple years now, and in the new TMZ Photos of Grey allegedly reading aloud at Emerson Elementary School in Compton, she looks peppy and...
  4. N

    Streaming is hot right now

    True statement made by me. Streaming is hot, its true!
  5. FFSakes

    !Twitch Streamers

    If anyone is interested in posting their Twitch channels. you may do it here. You know, there are literally millions of twitch streamers, and it's hard enough to network and grow your channel as it is. This forum may not bring you much exposure, but if you are truly trying to become successful...