1. Trueprime

    I'm getting back into Bootstrap

    Hi folks,Trueprime here. I just wanted to say I been enjoying Xenforo especially the new 2.0 and 2.1 revisions. When I started developing I was into using Wordpress. Wordpress is an amazing platform for creating any niche type site, but my preference always been into gaming, or business sales. I...
  2. TopSilver

    We Are Now Partnered With

    Hey guys, TopSilver here. Just wanted to make an announcement. A member of ours Trueprime has started a website for selling digital goods and items. It's a marketplace for you to sell your digital items and a community forum. Trueprime has been awarded VIP for his overwhelming generosity to...
  3. Trueprime

    Trueprime here again :)

    Hello Mindpiff community! This is Trueprime here again, now I will have much more time to be active here on I look forward to meeting new folks and chatting about anything.
  4. Trueprime

    MindPiff is the 8th wonder! is the newest and hottest discussion forum that has hit our planet! Genius name, interesting topics and conversations, it will put your mind in awe. I am glad to be a part of this wonderful community and look forward to seeing this become a sensational hit. Come on folks, let's get...
  5. Trueprime

    Hello To The MindPiff Community

    My name is Joe aka Trueprime, and I am a guy who happens to like video games. My major interests include web development and business, especially in the gaming niche. I am giving a big shoutout to the MindPiff community and thanks for letting me be a part of this amazing community. I am always...