1. CVB115

    Are you spending your time wisely with games?

    Recently I've gotten busy with school task and personal development and well after countless games that I play I felt like all those hours can be used to sleep or study. As some people spend time in different games either catching up with ranks or their world progress. I spend lots of time...
  2. Abizaga

    Favorite childhood game

    This seems an appropriate place for this. What is your favorite childhood game?
  3. N

    Remember Duke Nukem

    Anyone remember?
  4. JoyFreak

    What console do you use?

    As the title says, what console do you use for gaming? I use PS4. I have always been a Sony fan and enjoy everything produced by them. I am particularly looking forward to the PSN ID change that Sony will be introducing later this year. Would not mind changing my ID that I created when I was...
  5. Mr. Cream

    Im a racist.....

    I hate consoles, mobiles, tablets, anything not a PC. *throws up hail sign* PC MASTER RACE FOR LIFE!!!!!! :p
  6. Kalon101


    What’s some of your Favorite retro games from when you were kids I know there will be some age gaps but what retro games did you love?