1. Empire

    Where Do You Go For Designers?

    I was just looking around at twitch subs badges and emotes to other graphics designs that people have and for me to get the ideas. I can make my own up myself but it's not good, aren't that professional and it's just bad. Yet free in my case. But for professional work, you really need to look at...
  2. TopSilver

    I would like to have your attention. Fresh new look with dark style. Also new logo.

    Hey guys there has been a fresh new look I've now given you. I think we've pulled off the look. Did we pull off the logo? Well we needed a new one and something that was more aerodynamic you have my word and now so blustery. Variations of a flag will be used on future updates if it ever changes...
  3. TopSilver

    MindPiff v2.0 New Custom Default Light Theme and Dark Theme Now Live

    Hey guys just wanted to share with you some information about the new look. Simply put it took me 3 days straight coding nonstop css to bring this to you. I surely hope you like it. Also there are 5 colors to choose from. Blue, green, red, orange, and purple. To top that off I have also made a...