1. zoldos

    I am zoldos

    I am known as zoldos. I'm a 20+ year internet veteran and master site owner. I've had many sites over the years. I'm 45 and life is bliss!
  2. Thomasss

    Thomasss here!

    Hi all! Happy to be part of the site and start some debating! See ya'll around!
  3. Gaming_Kids

    break done

    so I’ve taken my break and again, I still won’t talk about what happened ALTHOUGH I have reached 20 posts! a contract was done for me to reach 20 and I did it and I will also go for more in the future so now you can say I’m now partnered to this said contract! (if it’s followed through) meaning...
  4. bittersweet

    Hello everyone!

    Hello! New member to the community here and hoping to stick around for the long haul. I'm Jake, been on forums well on close to 13+ years now or so (rough estimate, more than likely longer). I'm a big fan of movies, television and gaming so you'll more than likely find me frequenting those...
  5. Trueprime

    Hello To The MindPiff Community

    My name is Joe aka Trueprime, and I am a guy who happens to like video games. My major interests include web development and business, especially in the gaming niche. I am giving a big shoutout to the MindPiff community and thanks for letting me be a part of this amazing community. I am always...
  6. Jamie

    Top Silver’s Brother

    Wanted to take a moment and introduce myself as TopSilver’s brother. I am interested in cars, securities, economics and occasionally cooking/dining and will be posting/writing regularly about these topics, among others. thanks!
  7. Andox88

    Eh why not?