1. TopSilver

    Laifot has been made Super and Staff Vacancies are available

    Hey guys, TopSilver again. Everyone congratulate @Laifot on earning a well earned position as Super Mod. He has worked diligently in the forums and this position is by far well earned. He now has the power to infract and ban. Most users here have followed the rules and I'd like to say thank you...
  2. Sir Twisted

    Hey folks.

    hello everyone I'm new to the community, thank you to topsilver for recommending me to join the site. I would just like to say that the community is looking absolutely lovely with a nice theme! My name is Liam but mostly I go by the name Sir Twisted, I've been going on forums and running my...
  3. TopSilver

    Recent downtime and issue with messed up CSS has now been fixed

    The reason this happened was due to my mod security installation. As the site needs some type of protection, not just cloudflare. I had set it up just yesterday and ended up messing up a file but the site is now restored to it's proper state. I was actually asleep early and didn't notice the...
  4. TopSilver

    Mind Piff is Back in Action

    After about 10 months I decided to put Mind Piff back online. We are not on shared as some of you may have thought but actually are on a virtual private server with 4 gb of ram. Sometime early April I will be extending it to 8 gb of ram so we are taken care of for the long haul. I hope you will...
  5. TopSilver

    A Couple Days Ago Marked 1 Year for

    I want to thank everyone who has stood by me as we progress with Mind Piff. Just the other day marked 1 year being online. We are now 1 year strong. May we continue many years into the future as we wait to see what becomes of such a great hang out spot. I want to thank all of you especially...
  6. TopSilver

    Mind Piff has now Partnered with

    Hey guys, I wanted to mention a new partnership I have now embarked on just recently with Malcolm a friend of mine and valued Mind Piff contributor. He has a site for all your coding needs and questions. If you need help you can simply ask a question and you may get a response regarding an...
  7. Nerdface

    Parter and Quick links

    The colour setup makes these links seemingly disappear when you hover over them.. ;)
  8. TopSilver

    Another moderator has joined the team

    Hey guys this will be our last moderator for a good while. Laifot has 100 posts now and I've been speaking with him for close to a year as he's been in the mind piff discord. I want to make you all aware that he has now joined the team along with Nagato , Andox88 , Drewan and myself. I plan to...
  9. TopSilver

    Welcome to our new official logo and look

    We needed to stand out so I took the liberty of finding us a better logo. Clip art of a guy smoking will be our official logo. This is permanent. The light bulb was a bit too generic and I think this looks far better. I have also expanded the header to have puffy clouds. I think the entire look...
  10. Noodle

    Hello! I'm Newbdle!

    Hey! I'm Newbdle!