1. Lämmchen

    Best Super Bowl Half Time

    What was the best Super Bowl Half Time Show in your opinion? Every year people are extremely critical of the Super Bowl half time shows but the one that has stood out the most was Prince's show in 2007 where it rained and his dancers were in like 8 inch stilettos! Did you see it?
  2. Nagato

    Dragon Ball / Z / Super / Heroes

    Because of a certaub YouTube video I watched when I was younger I got turned off of the Dragon Ball franchise. Whenever I watched an anime from the franchise, I just saw too many plot holes. That said, I like Super. Does anyone not like Dragon Ball?
  3. Surfbabe420

    Should they make a super Mario Bros on ps4?

    I think they should I mean they got other games that's is related to it!! What are you thought about it?
  4. TopSilver

    What do you guys think about super smash bros coming to the Nintendo Switch

    Yes it was announced to be released sometime this year. Super pumped about it for the reason that I'll be able to play online multiplayer. Anyone else excited to see smash bros come to the nintendo switch? Should be really fun. There also making a real RPG pokemon at some point but no one knows...
  5. Kalon101


    What’s some of your Favorite retro games from when you were kids I know there will be some age gaps but what retro games did you love?