1. TopSilver

    Browser Extensions

    There's a whole world of browser extensions out there that no one pays attention to. Very little people ever go to the google chrome store or the firefox store and see what type of browser extensions you can get. Other then development tools, and there's a lot. What good browser extensions...
  2. 22_22

    Epic Games Store

    Epic Games Store is a digital store and was released in 2018, by the American video game and software developers 'Epic Games'. I think being English I perhaps had not heard of this site before but I stumbled it onto a few weeks ago. At the time I did not if it was a legitimate website, as they...
  3. TopSilver

    Build Outlets

    I saw this on youtube. They are these stores that literally have everything you need to build a computer. Basically an outlet. You walk in, choose from an infinite number of graphics cards, parts, cases, ram sticks... you name it. Then they let you put it together in the store and you pay for...
  4. N

    Favorite Game Shops?

    I used to buy mine from Game Stop and EB games. But for about a few years currently, ever since I've been having a phone, a tablet and a computer, I've stopped buying them and instead I game online or on mobile.
  5. TopSilver

    Gamestop, it may be Game Over according to last years annual revenue loss

    According to well known news analyst IGN it may be game over for gamestop after receiving their annual revenue report which ended November 3rd of last year. They lost an overall $488.6 million dollars in annual income. This chart below shows the net gain and loss up to 2017 which should paint a...