1. Empire

    Graphics Card Shortage

    So, with covid and fewer people able to work in one location and also the very high demanding on cards since people are for more at home, and what steam says that 50% more people/users are gaming more than ever. So that means people are going to buy cards, out of stock. Even older gen cards are...
  2. Shole

    Stock Photography

    Does anyone do stock photography here? I just started doing it as an experiment for my money-making blog so let's see how it works out so far I got my images rejected lol. Any one trying this?
  3. Nagato

    Numbers on MacOS is amazing.

    So, I'm not American, but it's really cool that I can get Apple's stock price via a formula and than convert the amount into my currency. I know this is simple and can be done in other programs, but nonetheless it's really cool. Now, I want to be able to multiple the converted amount by ounces...