1. marteebe

    What songs hold the most meaning to you?

    Songs and music in general are lovely things - I've learned to appreciate them a lot more as I've grown up and certain songs hold a lot of meaning for me. For me, the one song that hits home is Numb by Linkin Park. During my teenage years it was essentially an anthem of types for me and it...
  2. Xyphien

    Anyone heard of Pofu?

    Anyone listen to Pofu? Someone made a comment that was extremely. If you haven't heard of who Pofu is they're like NF and Lofi had an amazing love child. Here's some of his songs.
  3. bittersweet

    Awesome Covers of Songs

  4. Seaweed Dilemma YT

    Favorite Songs

    What are some of your favorite songs and also, what are some of your favorite bands :p
  5. G


    Who from here is a fan of K-POP? If you are a fan tell me that: - Your favorite girl group/boy group/solo artist. - Favourite songs. I am a huge fan of BLACKPINK, BTS, EXO and BIGBANG. Another bands that I am listening from time to time: TWICE, Red Velvet, Seventeen, iKon. Solo artists: RAIN...
  6. CVB115

    ANY Good Songs to share?

    Hey guys do you know any good music for chilling or gaming or whatever you guys have