1. N

    Favorite social Media?

    The ones I use most and my personal favorites are Youtube and Facebook. Others I just use it to promote my own personal sites, that's all I use them for personally anyways. How about you?
  2. TheJason

    Social Mobility

    Many places in the world are cynical about capitalism - so there are revolutionaries and also cut-throat reactionaries. Well, what can be done to increase social mobility - so more people reap the benefits of the free market?
  3. TheJason

    But haven't people bought into social security?

    Some have claimed they bought into social security (worked for many years) - so they deserve the help. Well, that's true - but that doesn't make big government good, though. In other words, a different thing is more desirable.
  4. Nagato

    What Social Media sites do you use?

    Do you use any media sites, and do you use their apps?