1. TopSilver

    There may be a small gap above the forum area for a small amount of time when your logged out due to Google Adsense

    Due to Google adsense, there will be a small gap above the forum area when your logged out. This is so that google adsense can place an ad there to reactivate my account. The ad will probably appear soon so this notice may have no point. Just be notified. Either an ad will show up there or it...
  2. TopSilver

    I would like to have your attention. Fresh new look with dark style. Also new logo.

    Hey guys there has been a fresh new look I've now given you. I think we've pulled off the look. Did we pull off the logo? Well we needed a new one and something that was more aerodynamic you have my word and now so blustery. Variations of a flag will be used on future updates if it ever changes...
  3. Napoleon_The_Comedian

    How long will youtube last?

    Youtube is a platform that is slowly getting worse and worse by day. The Adpocalypse has created crisis-like consequences for some youtubers and inspired a lack of motivation for even more. The content is even going out the window. We still have people constantly exploiting the algorithms. This...