1. Nagato

    Favourite Silver Bullion designs?

    Favourite Silver Bullion designs? My favourite are anything South Korean. Before it was the American Silver Eagle. I really want an American Silver Eagle reverse proof, though.
  2. N


    Who remembers Gameboy? It brings back a lot of memories.

    Anyone Excited for season 9 of LoL? :D

    If anyone plays :P, im actually interested,because of new ranking system if anyone can share with me what rank were you and what did u get from first promo Currently i tested it on EUW - season 8 rank gold4 0LP - season 9 after first win i got silver 4 and +74 LP also feel free to add me on...
  4. TopSilver

    What's your favorite pokemon game of all time?

    To be honest, my absolute favorite pokemon game of all time is Gold and Silver. Was the best time I ever had. Played it on gameboy color. I enjoy the retro pokemon games much better than the new ones. The ones on the 3ds are fun but they aren't near as enjoyable as the ones on the original DS in...