1. 22_22

    TV shows or movies turned into books?

    Hopefully I do not confuse anyone here, but I think it is well documented that many books have had feature films or tv show adaptions. But what I am asking here is, what do you think about tv shows or movies that have been turned into books? On the flipside if you wish! Which books have you...
  2. Abizaga

    Nick vs Cartoon Network

    What do you all think? I would have trouble picking one as I have so many good memories watching both.
  3. N

    Favorite streaming Plate-forms?

    I use mainly Netflix and YouTube for it myself. Haven’t really tried the rest at all personally thence why I can’t say which I prefer. But my go-to is YouTube, Netflix I rarely use currently, not finding TV shows, movies and anime addictive for the moment.
  4. JoyFreak

    Netflix or Amazon Prime?

    I prefer Netflix as it has way MORE choices but Prime has some good originals too. How about you?
  5. Nerdface

    Piff the Magic Dragon

    Is it just me who thought of this when they heard the name of the website? :LOL:
  6. Nagato

    What TV shows do you watch?

    What TV shows do you watch? What shows did you stop watching?