1. Xyphien

    What's your set up like?

    When making youtube videos, streaming to sites, etc. what is your setup like and how much money did you spend on it? For me, I blew out my knee on deployment and they gave me $12k severance pay so I ended up spending over 2k on a streaming set up. I have the Shure SM7B, Scarlett amp for the...
  2. Laifot

    Cyber Power PC Builds

    Hi folks, As you may know, i'm on the hunt of a new PC since my setup is from 2012 and it was a mid-tier setup already back then (i'm not willing to invest money in getting 10-15% better perfomance) so i'd rather buy a newer setup and then thinking of upgrading periodically. So my eyes set up...
  3. Andox88


    What is you're setup looking like? im super curious on what cha got in your system!