1. Cumulus

    PHP 8.0?

    With the latest version of PHP released in November, PHP 8.0, I was wondering if anyone had upgraded yet? I recently came across some scripts coded in PHP still using 5.6 and I know majority of current scripts (WordPress, Xenforo etc.) are still only 7.x compatible. So have you used 8.0 yet...
  2. N


    Hello. Weboogle here. Love chatting about different topics.
  3. Gaming_Kids

    tomorrow or day after

    on my youtube channel I’ll be posting a video releasing a discord server that I made for it, the invite link will be in the description.. this will be a serious server cause it will be there until I’m done or quit youtube or just have no motivation to post, thanks for talking your time to read...
  4. dwatsX

    Kratos says hello

    Hey, I'm dwatsX. I own a public, free-to-play minecraft MMORPG server known as Avalon. The server has been up for about 3 years so it has a lot of content. If you want to check it out, the server ip is and it's currently on version 1.12.2 (moving to 1.13 soon). Here's a...
  5. G

    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

    As the title says. Is anyone playing this MOBA 5v5? If so, write down your nickname/ID number and let's play together. ;)
  6. TopSilver

    Get Website Database Backups Sent Directly to Your Computer With Windows Live Mail. Easy Solution

    A lot of you need off-site database backups on the fly. Well with Windows Live Mail you have that option by using this email script attached below for your database. Windows Live Mail is a mail client that can receive your emails from any mail server or email and keep them without leaving a...