1. TopSilver

    Mod Security Tweaked. You shouldn't view any more error pages.

    Hey guys. I have tweaked Mod Security with the help of a helpful hand on You should not view any error pages again. If you do please let me know and I will look into the exact rule that might have triggered it. Personally mod security protects the site and is a web application...
  2. TopSilver

    Recent downtime and issue with messed up CSS has now been fixed

    The reason this happened was due to my mod security installation. As the site needs some type of protection, not just cloudflare. I had set it up just yesterday and ended up messing up a file but the site is now restored to it's proper state. I was actually asleep early and didn't notice the...
  3. TheJason

    But haven't people bought into social security?

    Some have claimed they bought into social security (worked for many years) - so they deserve the help. Well, that's true - but that doesn't make big government good, though. In other words, a different thing is more desirable.