1. TopSilver

    Gaming merged into 1 section and conjoined with entertainment. 2 New Sections Also added

    2 new sections have been added not counting gaming. Gaming has been conjoined with Entertainment and all the gaming sections have been merged into one. The new sections are "Devices & Software" and "Food & Drink". Relevant threads have been moved to the sections. We had no section for computers...
  2. N

    New sections

    MindPiff should add some new sections.
  3. TopSilver

    Regarding the section changes

    So here's the run down. First I wanted to say I could have slimmed gaming down to one section but currently it's the most posted category and I really like the fact that there's separate sections depicting each subject. It helps to keep the gaming area organized as the different gaming topics...
  4. TopSilver

    So I plan to revamp some of the sections possibly tonight

    Yes I plan to revamp some of the sections sometime tonight. Possibly add a couple more and add sub-forums to certain areas instead of having them all spread out into 1 forum each. Some of you may be familiar with this layout. Done before on other sites. Here's a pic as an example Laifot was so...
  5. Gaming_Kids

    slightly unorganized?

    I know you peeps have many sections to be organized but, aren’t there to many? makes it a little hard to find a category.. maybe make the categories smaller and the channels more put together, like have 2 or 3 things for 1 section