1. Mr. Cream

    I think we should have...

    a streamer section for when they're live you can watch them on mindpiff, grow mindpiff and the streamers community
  2. TopSilver

    Adsense Integrated and More Info Regarding Ads

    Quick announcement. Adsense has now been integrated for guest traffic only. This is only for users that are logged out. There may be areas with blank spots but only for the next 2-3 days as it will give advertisers more time to fill in the gaps. It usually doesn't take long. There shouldn't be...
  3. TopSilver

    Gaming merged into 1 section and conjoined with entertainment. 2 New Sections Also added

    2 new sections have been added not counting gaming. Gaming has been conjoined with Entertainment and all the gaming sections have been merged into one. The new sections are "Devices & Software" and "Food & Drink". Relevant threads have been moved to the sections. We had no section for computers...
  4. TopSilver

    Four Awards Have Been Altered. More medals also on the way

    Quick message to all. These four awards have been changed. - Greeter - Poster Tier 2 - Ratings Received Mastery 1 Tier 3 - Content Moderator They all had very light silver/gray backgrounds and did not display good on the site outside of the dark style. I have added a different award for the 4...
  5. TopSilver

    New forum sub-section "forum games" added in Funhouse. Does not go towards post count.

    Hey you may have lost 1-2 posts if you posted in the "ask the next person a question game" thread in the funhouse. I have made a new sub-section called forum games in the funhouse. Posts here to do not count towards your post count but are for games like count to 1000 and things like that. This...
  6. TopSilver

    Regarding the section changes

    So here's the run down. First I wanted to say I could have slimmed gaming down to one section but currently it's the most posted category and I really like the fact that there's separate sections depicting each subject. It helps to keep the gaming area organized as the different gaming topics...
  7. Gaming_Kids

    annoying for me

    so I don’t like the wait like over a minute to post again, also this section is “feedback and award requests” when there already is an “award requests” section by itself
  8. TopSilver

    made a minor section change

    VR has now been merged with mobile and is named Mobile Gaming and VR. Also a new section named General Gaming has been added to cut down on spam and keep the forums clean. Also VR isn't as popular yet so this is a good decision on my part. If someone had a topic that was generalized it could be...
  9. G

    New section - Anime and Manga!

    Heya - as the title says I would like to request a new section. From what I've seen so far there is a bunch of people, including me that are watching anime or reading manga. So, why not have a place to discuss about it? The section could be called "Otaku Center" or whatever that suits. ;)