1. TopSilver

    How many of you think retro games are worth the high price tag in a new market?

    Wondering if anyone thinks a retro game for $50 or one nintendo 64 game I've heard about that's like $250 is worth the high price tag. To be honest it may just be the retro game market that has sky rocketed in value but it seems to me that stores like gamestop shouldn't be charging that much for...
  2. FFSakes

    Don't know how to feel

    Like the title says.. i don't know how to feel about retro gaming. I know "OG" gaming but graphics has come a long way. Let me put it like this; To me it's like having a HUGE tv, and then trying to go back to a small tv. it's hard lol. I have went back and played retro games, but.. when...