1. tdbnz


    Hey Who here Has/or Had a Tamagotchi A digital pet you had to feed and look after Those were the biggest craze ever when I was young , I am lucky to say I still have a few and often when I am board for a while I start them up again and start playing them :)
  2. Nagato

    Remember this?

  3. Abizaga


    Did anyone here ever run a forum with invisionfree? Do you remember the old address? how big did it get?
  4. Demon_skeith

    Game you really want to play from the retro days?

    Let's say... from the PS2/PSP/GC/GB/Xbox era and before, what games do you really want to play that you missed or just want to replay to hopefully experience the same great gameplay you had before? And would you play it on some ported modern console day or want to get the old console it came out on?
  5. TopSilver

    Does anyone remember Good Ole PHP Nuke? From back in the day

    Was wondering if anyone remembered that good old web portal software php Nuke. Was basically a forum built into a CMS portal homepage. You basically had the homepage available with the forum posts in between the sidebars which had content for the site. I remember back in the day they had these...
  6. N

    Remember Duke Nukem

    Anyone remember?
  7. Gaming_Kids

    I’ve realized

    another thing I noticed is the “keep me signed in” or whatever doesn’t work, I have to log in everytime.. can it not remember device but only the same webpage? cause I delete all history to look neat, is it a problem or a page thing?
  8. Trueprime

    Atari was the bomb!

    I been a gamer since I was a little kid, and the creation for video games really helped keep my imagination nested. When Atari came out, that was a new level of genius and fun that a little kid can imagine. The graphics back then were amazing, especially in that time period. I remember seeing...