1. 22_22

    Epic Games Store

    Epic Games Store is a digital store and was released in 2018, by the American video game and software developers 'Epic Games'. I think being English I perhaps had not heard of this site before but I stumbled it onto a few weeks ago. At the time I did not if it was a legitimate website, as they...
  2. Thomasss

    Grand Theft Auto 6?

    Does anyone else play GTA, or should I say, anyone excited for Rockstar to release the new GTA that is rumored to be announced this year? Take a look at the article: I'm quite excited for...
  3. N

    OneRepublic release 'Better Days' video in support of COVID-19 relief

    OneRepublic release 'Better Days' video in support of COVID-19 relief
  4. TopSilver

    Halo 6:Infinite Next Gen Series X Console Release Coming Soon

    Okay poll on who's getting it and if your a nut like me, basically if your buying the Series X for the main purpose of this game alone. I have to say, it's been a long time coming with Halo. Halo 5 Guardians has been a blast to play but I agree with many enthusiasts that it's just not the same...
  5. JoyFreak

    PS5 or Xbox Series X?

    Which of the two will you be buying? Or will you be getting both at some point? For me, it has to be PS5, I've been a Sony user since day one. The controller I'm very much used to it and every else too. Xbox/Microsoft hasn't been my most favourite. How about you?
  6. TopSilver

    Does anyone agree the Microsoft Hololens is taking forever to release?

    Yeah they are taking a hot minute to release this beauty. Makes me wonder what the hell's taking so long. Anyone got the scoop on it's release? They released the Xbox One X so I assume it shouldn't be too far off.