1. Nagato

    Anyone used Python?

    I want to learn Python on a MacBook Air. I want to make some Reddit bots. One of the Reddit bots I want to make links the latest manga chapter for any manga based on per-defined websites and sticky(and unsticky) and post to the correct forum. The other Reddit bots: Delete a comment after a...
  2. Nagato

    Thinking about learning to program / script again

    Thinking about learning to program / script again. The problem is that It would have to be all self taught. I wouldn't mind making bots for Reddit & Twitter. I really want to make add-ons for XenForo too. I also wouldn't mind making iOS apps. And I am also kinda interested in data/stats as well...
  3. Nagato

    Delete Reddit account?

    I am thinking of deleting my Reddit account because I can’t remove the upvotes and downvotes. The account is 1 year old and I won’t be able to get back a trophy I have. in the past I had an account that I got the alpha tester on but don’t have the account anymore. Another account I had 5k...
  4. Nagato

    Reddit Bots - Can this be done?

    I don't know Python. I would like to do the following: BOT ONE: When a YouTube video is uploaded, I would like the Reddit bot to post the YouTube video to a certain sub-reddit I would like the bot to sticky the post and unsticky the previous video. I would also like the bot to post to a...
  5. Nagato

    Reddit Bots

    has Anyone made a Reddit bot before?
  6. Nagato

    Anyone use Reddit?

    Does anyone use Reddit?
  7. Nagato

    Reddit: Old Vs. New

    What Reddit design do you prefer? Their old design or their new design? I prefer the new design
  8. Nagato

    Reddit Web Redesign

    What do you think of the redesign and have you used it yet? If you want to try it out, go to: -> beta options -> tick Use the redesign as my default experience