1. TopSilver

    This style has given me 100% satisfaction

    You may have noticed (though we are still growing) me changing a few things around on the site today. I want you to know that majority of what you noticed is now over if you did. I have never been more satisfied with a custom style that I created and made myself in my entire life then I have...
  2. TopSilver

    New content ratings add-on re-installed from before. Like/React button now needs to be clicked rather than hover

    Small update guys. I just installed a new reaction add-on called content ratings. We had this before but it wasn't properly updated at the time so I quit using it. Anyways the like button now requires a click in order to see and make a reaction on a users post other than "like". There are a...
  3. TopSilver

    Ratings have now been added. Read for details

    I have now added ratings. The likes count in the postbit has been replaced with ratings. Simply click the "like" button to rate a post. A tooltip will display with the other options you have for rating or reacting to a post. You can like a post or give it a different rating. The ratings count in...