1. Lämmchen

    Which Pro Sport would you want to play?

    If you were REALLY good at sports and could play at a professional level, which sport would you prefer? Would you choose a game you loved or one that paid millions of dollars? I've always loved ice skating and women's gymnastics but I think if I went pro I would choose ice skating because it's...
  2. Alexander.


    Do you have a microwave? If so, what sort of meals do you make? I enjoy ready meals, and my favorite is lasagne and a roast dinner.
  3. TopSilver

    Mod Security Tweaked. You shouldn't view any more error pages.

    Hey guys. I have tweaked Mod Security with the help of a helpful hand on xenforo.com You should not view any error pages again. If you do please let me know and I will look into the exact rule that might have triggered it. Personally mod security protects the site and is a web application...
  4. Abizaga


    So I know alot of you will probably say that today it's garbage.... and I agree lol. However there once was a time it was on top of the industry. Did you guys ever get to use it during the 3.x days? Did you use it after that?
  5. N

    Favorite racing Ga,es?

    Mine is Mario Kart hands down. I love them all and have tried them all too. But my personal favorites are the ones on the GameCube, the Wii and the GBA. I'm pretty retro too when it comes to gaming.
  6. Sir Twisted

    Who is your favourite artist and why.

    Title is quite self-explanatory, basically my favourite artist would be Dee Snider from the glam metal band twisted Sister I would say this individual because not only is he my favourite musician but he's also been quite an impact in my life, somewhat of an idol I would say. I've been...
  7. TheJason

    Happy to join in!

    I'm Jason (Jason76 from Forum Promotion) and my hobbies are playing music - especially percussion, 3D computer art, and web development. Anyway, I hope to have a good time on this forum.
  8. Users Name

    Aliens in Media

    Think about it, aliens could probably never be depicted in media properly because most aliens in films are based on animals on Earth in some way shape or form. Additionally, considering that these extraterrestrial creatures can come from other universes, they may have new colours that any...