1. Lämmchen

    Do you own an air fryer?

    My daughter got us an air fryer for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I think my favorite things to make in it are chicken drumsticks, wings, asparagus and stuffed peppers. If you need recipes for any of those let me know!
  2. Gemma


    Helloooo, I'm Gemma, UK resident, sometimes website owner, occasional dabbler in forum layouts. Saw Mind Piff listed when randomly browsing on another site so thought I'd sign up and say hi. Nice looking site. Looking forward to seeing you all around the community :)
  3. Demon_skeith

    Vehicle accident

    Has anyone here ever have any car accidents? If so how bad was it? Who was at fault?
  4. FFSakes

    Your Graphics

    What current graphics card does everyone have? I have a 1060. It's not the best but it's pretty damn good. I've always been a fan of nvidia but.