1. Nagato

    Yearly or Monthly subscriptions

    Would you prefer a yearly subscription or a monthly subscription? While we're on this topic, not only would I prefer a yearly option, I would also prefer the following options: Netflix Originals only Device only (phones & tablets aka iPad)
  2. C

    Do you prefer watching or playing sports?

    All right guys, what do you prefer, watching or playing sports? I love to play soccer and tennis with my family members. But also I like to watch NHL, NBA, Water polo and, handball. What about you guys?
  3. JoyFreak

    Netflix or Amazon Prime?

    I prefer Netflix as it has way MORE choices but Prime has some good originals too. How about you?
  4. TheJason

    What color of theme do you like?

    For my drumming and web development (I want a unique look.) forums I have dark - but the religious one I want to keep light. Anyway, studies have shown half of people like "only light", half can stand either - and a quarter only like dark. Those aren't exact figures, just something around that.
  5. TopSilver

    Favorite Text Editor -> IDE?

    What's your favorite text editor or IDE. I prefer phpstorm by Jetbrains. An amazing quality IDE for advanced work. For html, css, and sometimes js I prefer Sublime Text 3. Sublime text is very organized in my opinion for html and css. Anything like php and advanced js I prefer phpstorm but...
  6. Nagato

    What do you prefer?

    What do you prefer? Dub, Sub, or Original? Personally, if there is a Dub, I'll watch that version. And If I like a show enough I'll watch Sub and Dub,
  7. Nagato

    Reddit: Old Vs. New

    What Reddit design do you prefer? Their old design or their new design? I prefer the new design
  8. Nagato

    iOS or Android?

    Which do you prefer? I recently got a Samsubg S7 Edge. I tried it out and after using it I don't know why there is 1,000 diifferent types of phones that run Android. I am a fan of the Google Pixel. But I prefer iOS.