1. TopSilver

    So I plan to revamp some of the sections possibly tonight

    Yes I plan to revamp some of the sections sometime tonight. Possibly add a couple more and add sub-forums to certain areas instead of having them all spread out into 1 forum each. Some of you may be familiar with this layout. Done before on other sites. Here's a pic as an example Laifot was so...
  2. Andox88

    Need help

    Making an effort to make a new logo for a gaming clan, any tips on how to make this better?
  3. TopSilver

    Extra Most Viewed Widget Added. Also updates on potential forum add-ons coming

    A most viewed threads widget has now been added to the sidebar to show the most viewed threads. I hope this will spark more activity. I plan to add a 3rd widget possibly once we get going. Also some things I wanted to mention are on the way is a chatroom for members to speak to eachother via a...