1. TopSilver

    Everyone welcome Naiwen to the team

    Hey guys @Naiwen is new here and doesn't have a high post count yet but is a really nice individual and since the position was open and @Naiwen requested it we spoke over discord and I have agree'd for her to be our new content mod. Currently that's the last position that is open for the staff...
  2. TopSilver

    Laifot has been made Super and Staff Vacancies are available

    Hey guys, TopSilver again. Everyone congratulate @Laifot on earning a well earned position as Super Mod. He has worked diligently in the forums and this position is by far well earned. He now has the power to infract and ban. Most users here have followed the rules and I'd like to say thank you...
  3. TopSilver

    A new staff member has joined

    Drewan Give him a welcome to the staff team. It's been a pleasure speaking with him on the forums. He has brought in the right attitude when it comes to dealing with the site and waiting on it to get bigger. He deserves this position. As Andox88 was saying Drewan is second in posts to me and...