1. 22_22

    Politics and The Olympics

    This is an area that keeps coming up in my studies and I find it particularly fascinating. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) seem to have always denied that The Olympics is political but for many, it is clear to see this claim can be a bit hypocritical. There have been countless...
  2. Nagato


    What's your opinion on the W.H.O.? The Director-General should be removed from his position. Why didn't he listen to Taiwan?
  3. Mr. Cream

    Are liberals/SJW'S ruining America/the world?

    What do you guys think, personally I do. The world has turned into a pussy with the gall to justify itself and actions of why it is a pussy. the nerve of some people... I mean c'mon a hundred years ago, the problems we face today, we didn't back then. Why, because times were different and people...
  4. Nagato

    Julian Assange

    What do you think about him?