1. 22_22

    PSP or DS Lite?

    Gosh, I am 23 years old now and it has been years since I have picked up one of these hand-held devices. Everyone at my school when you could bring your games in, would bring in either one or two of these. Even before the crazy technology times we are living in today, these were way more popular...
  2. Nova


    I have been playing this MOBA for years on both PC and mobile. Though these days not a lot of people are playing it and mostly you may see the bots playing the game. It is still a good MOBA game worth playing. Have you played vaninglory?
  3. Abizaga


    Who all here has good memories playing goldeneye as a kid? I sure do playing it with my younger brother.
  4. N

    Mario Kart, any fans on here?

    I love it and have been playing it since 7-8 years old on my old Game Boy Advance. I currently have it on the Wii. I usually go for Princess Peach and the rainbow circuit.
  5. N

    Super Smash Bros?

    I've played it a few times at a friend's house in high school but I've had to quit, because my friend has moved away from me currently. But yeah, I've loved it on the GameCube! Have you played it, and if yes, on which consoles have you played it and which version is your favorite and who's your...
  6. TopSilver

    Has anyone ever played the pokemon trading card game online for PC? It's free

    I was wondering if anyone ever played this game. I have been having a blast especially with the release of sword and shield. I always played pokemon tcg back as a child but I grew out of that and didn't want to play with real cards because to me that's a bit going to far. I found a hidden...

    Does anyone remember RE-VOLT (1999 Old racing PC game)

    I've been playing it since i was 4 years old and i still sometimes launch it and enjoy it , one of my favorite games of all time does anyone else know it? even has a community that is still ongoing since 2004 which i think is insane
  8. N


    This thread will be about Nintendo. Who remembers N64 and GameCube?
  9. JoyFreak

    Elder Scroll Online

    Anyone play this game? I love this game, especially Skyrim on the PS4 but this is better as it's online. What do you think of this game? The story line is the best I have played!
  10. Gaming_Kids

    favorite vr game?

    what’s everyone’s favorite vr game? mine as of now is beat saber which I’ve been playing since I’ve gotten.. streamed it from day I got it up to now, only for a few days
  11. Users Name

    What's the most disappointing game you've played?

    As a fan of the Mass Effect series, I found ME: Andromeda to be the most disappointing game I've played due to it being a mediocre game and being over-hyped by myself. As the topic title suggests, I'd just like to know what game you found to be the most disappointing and why.
  12. Nagato

    Apex Legends

    Have you played the game? Do you like it? I like the game and have won .
  13. Trueprime

    I got back into World Of Warcraft

    Last night, I chatted with a good ol buddy of mine, and he managed to perk my interests up again for WOW. I took a break from it 8 months ago as I was concentrating on web development. The two key factors that brought me back to the game was old friends and the new expansion. the new Expansion...