1. TopSilver

    Were moving to a Pixel Exit theme to get the best out of 2.2.3. It's for the experience. Once we are fully active the style will no longer change

    Guys once we get to be an active community believe I will not be changing the theme any. I have decided to move to a fully customized pixel exit theme that includes a dark style. Everything is going to be re-done and fully customized but it will be on the most advanced framework in the world...
  2. Nagato

    Favourite Android Brand?

    Favourite Android Brand? My favourites are: Google Pixel (Because stock Android), OnePlus (Always liked the brand/marketing) & Samsung (Look of the phones, that's all)
  3. TopSilver

    What kind of Phone Do You Have?

    Just wondering what kind of cell phone you guys have? I am way behind the times and I personally have an iPhone 5 Do you have android? iPhone? Or are you a Google phone type guy? Let us know what kind of phone and if it's iphone, android, or google phone.
  4. Kalon101

    Does anyone do pixel art?

    I’m a huge fan of pixel art and I’m my free time I desperately try to practice and get better at pixel art, what do you guys and gals think of pixel art?