1. Lämmchen

    What size monitor?

    What size monitor do you feel is best when building your computer? Do you require a certain dimension or ratio? What about using two monitors to do what you need to do? My laptop has a 17" screen and I like that but I had two 19" monitors when I worked as a Project Admin and it was critical for...
  2. N

    Your favorite Wines?

    Rose, red and champagne for me personally. Although champagne I'll only have it once a year on New Year's eve, red and rose once very 2 weeks alternatively half a glass. And you personally?
  3. N

    Biden vs Trump: Vote Now!

    Biden vs Trump: Vote Now!
  4. TopSilver

    What's your theory on how they built the pyramids?

    Explain in latent terms you theory on how they built the pyramids. Currently a lot of people believe aliens helped. I personally do not believe in this myself. However they must have had some type of highly advanced technology. I personally believe they did possess an advanced form of technology...