1. Empire

    Graphics Card Shortage

    So, with covid and fewer people able to work in one location and also the very high demanding on cards since people are for more at home, and what steam says that 50% more people/users are gaming more than ever. So that means people are going to buy cards, out of stock. Even older gen cards are...
  2. TopSilver

    If you could design a new currency, what would it be?

    So lets say there was so much value put on goods and items, supply and demand took hold. To compensate that, we'd need a new form of currency. Explain to me if you could design one, what would it simply look like and what would each one be called. In my opinion, a Queen or a King, especially...
  3. Nagato


    The United States for whatever reason uses the MM/DD/YY... why? Why not just make it simple and use what the majority of the world uses? DD/MM/YY.
  4. 22_22

    People that don't listen to or appreciate new music?

    I really get annoyed by close-minded people and this is no difference when it comes to music taste. I am talking about those people who are 'too cool' to listen to new music or hate when a band changes their sound. I don't know if this happens a lot in other genres but I really like pop-punk but...
  5. TopSilver

    Mail in Ballots and Voter History - All you need to Have Proof

    Exactly what the title says. I do not think anyone cheated the election. What I'm suspicious of is whether or not mail in ballots could be an issue period. Who's to say that someone else couldn't stamp a return address on one and then change someone's vote. Yes voter history, the most important...
  6. Nagato

    Stalin Quote

  7. Alexander.

    Mandatory Masks

    Most governments around the world have made maks mandatory and are strongly advising social distancing. But the question is, how much longer will these laws & guidelines be in place? Do you think we'll see the same guidance this time next year? It's hard to speculate, to be honest.
  8. TopSilver

    Why do extremists hate Jews so much?

    I still have a hard time believing why some of these extremist tend to hate the Jewish people. It's never something I can understand and I don't even think it has anything to do with Jesus. The reasoning behind this is far beyond my personal comprehension. Some people will target you if you...
  9. Nagato

    Game of thrones should have had a better ending.

    I would have been happy with Danny ruling or at least this but no we get some shit ending.
  10. Nagato

    What’s wrong with people?

  11. Abizaga

    Just remember

    The world ended back in 1999 and we are all holograms.
  12. Nagato

    Favorite Quotes

    Post your favourite quotes! There is much more for me but I would have to find them, so here's some: "How weak the mind when it wants to forget. Maybe you didn't forget. Maybe you're just lying. Is it a lie you tell to everyone around you, or perhaps a lie you tell to yourself?" — Johan...
  13. Nagato

    Bill Gates thinks WHO done good during the Coronavirus outbreak

  14. Lämmchen

    Are our liberties threatened?

    In the US the Governors have the power to enforce restrictions during the shut down. Some of these governors have such great inconsistencies it makes me wonder why they feel the need to garner so much control over the public? I think that some of these restrictions that have been forced onto us...
  15. Lämmchen

    Christ has risen!

    Last Sunday the majority of Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus the Savior who died on the cross for the forgiveness of sins. Today our Orthodox friends celebrate Easter...they get all that half-priced Easter candy ;) After going through a very somber Lenten time this year, not...
  16. Sir Twisted

    What's wrong with the world?

    In your personal opinion what would you say is wrong with this world? Personally I would say quite a lot of wrong with the world however just be a little more specific I would say, murders, pedophiles, global warming, corrupt politians and so much more.
  17. N

    Anyone use Zoom?

    New video conference app alert!
  18. N

    What will everything look like after the coronavirus

    What will everything look like after the coronavirus
  19. Laifot

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

    Hi all, The meaning of this thread is not to "inform" or rather copy paste news concerning the virus itself but our experience and try to give us strength to face up this. In my country we have 8 confirmed cases, the situation is rather "under control" but the psicosis is crazy. People fight...